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What we do

We do not sell technology. We partner with sporting organisations to proactively help the technology sector adapt the latest developments to the specific requirements of the sports world.

We add value to our partners through:


with sporting organisations, technologists and leading academics, sharing knowledge to drive value from community membership.


on using new technologies to increase revenues.


of technologies from all industries that deliver competitive advantage to elite sport in new and innovative ways.


of the latest technologies adopted by top global sports entities and explore low cost alternatives for clubs on smaller budgets


of results by due diligence reviews to quantify the benefits and evaluate the true opportunity.


providing the know how and means to generate greater revenues now and in the future


Breakthrough technological advances usually originate in sectors outside the sports world and filter through to sports clubs at a later stage.

Further, these disruptive new technologies often develop within small tech start ups, which have no existing relationships with sporting organisations as they are independent of the major technology companies and again are only picked up further down the line.

We collaborate with clubs, technology companies of all sizes and academia to help the world of sport become early adopters.

We monitor the very latest technology trends adopted by the major sporting entities worldwide and and explore low cost alternatives for clubs with smaller budgets. And clubs with no budget at all.

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Creating a Win/Win

For Sports Organisations

- Gain early access to emerging technologies not yet in sport
- Understand how major sporting entities worldwide are using the latest technologies
- Create commercial gain and new revenue streams through adopting new broadcasting protocols and channels, personalised and interactive fan engagement and maximising the value of sponsorship rights

For Technology Companies

- Focus on the specific issues facing sporting organisations
- Gain access to the lucrative International sports market
- Raise capital through our networks of angels and sports technology funds

For Academic Institutions

- Gain practical input by partnering with technology companies and major sports organisations
- Create commercial outlets for new advances
- Develop career opportunities for researchers and students by offering work experiences

ProSports Technology can help sports clubs gain essential new revenue streams from the latest technologies even without a budget

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