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We have access to the professional sports world through a range of relationships and can introduce you to the major clubs globally.

We can arrange to trial your product with selected clubs during the development phase, enabling you to gather detailed feedback to help refine the product.

We know what it takes to get your ideas across and help you approach your market in a fully prepared, professional manner.

We shorten the decision making time by presenting a comprehensive marketing programme

We understand who is interested in which specific areas, so we can align your technology with those sports professionals most interested in your product.

We proactively monitor sports research globally to identify the latest advances.


Breakthrough technological advances usually originate in sectors outside the sports world and filter through to sports clubs at a later stage.

Further, these disruptive new technologies often develop within small tech start ups, which have no existing relationships with sporting organisations as they are independent of the major technology companies and again are only picked up further down the line.

We collaborate with clubs, technology companies of all sizes and academia to help the world of sport become early adopters.

We monitor the very latest technology trends adopted by the major sporting entities worldwide and and explore low cost alternatives for clubs with smaller budgets. And clubs with no budget at all.

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Case Studies

Breaking into a New Sport

Our client had enjoyed success breaking into several major sports but had not been able to penetrate the elite football clubs. We evaluated the performance requirements of the football clubs and decided to simplify the product offering by focussing our marketing effort on one particular department, even though the product enhanced performance in a number of other departments as well. Together with changing the pricing model, we significantly simplified the buying decision and started working with a top Premiership club, later adding different modules to other departments as the relationship became more established.

Collaboration with related technologies

One client has an advanced software platform which drastically improved communication at all levels between coaches, players, analysts, physios and sports scientists, significantly enhancing performance and recovery times. In addition to introducing the client to various sporting clubs, we also initiated collaborations with other compatible technology companies, for example which provided detailed and specialised performance analytics, enabling both partners to further enhance their product offerings to a wider audience and increase market share by crossmarketing to each other's clients.

ProSports Technology helps sports clubs* that do not have the budget gain essential new revenue streams from the latest technologies

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