Our service is bespoke, tailored to the priorities of each client and project.

Our Objectives at ProSports Technology

  • To identify at an early stage the best of the new technology products and proactively assist in their planning, development, marketing and implementation strategy.
  • To monitor current research in Sports Science and Technology through academia, corporates and professional sports clubs.
  • To partner technology companies to successfully compete in the professional sports market.

Perfect the Development of Your Technology

  • Raising finance
  • Detailing analyses of the market, competition and demand
  • Trialling your product with leading sports clubs to test and refine the product

How we sell into the Elite Sports Markets

  • Introducing the product to the professional sports clubs quickly and effectively
  • Branding, Social Media and Marketing campaigns
  • Competitor Analysis and Due Diligence Reports

Our Network of Contacts and Relationships

  • All major sports, including football, rugby, cricket, basketball, hockey and all Olympic Squads
  • At both Club and National level
  • Across the UK and Europe, as well as North America, Australasia, South Africa and Japan

Case Studies

Uncover a New Market

Following additional experiments into one product, we discovered the product offered significant benefits in safely shortening the recovery periods for concussed players as well as enhancing the spatial awareness skills, the original focus of the product. We are now embarking on an additional marketing strategy thereby opening up a totally new market for our client.

Penetrating a New Market

One company's new product had previously approached several organisations and while not being firmly rejected, had not been able to secure sales contracts. We introduced the client to a leading Premiership football club and agreed a trial period, enabling our client to gather detailed feedback on its product at the same time as gaining a deeper understanding of the club's specific requirements. By refining the product to take account of these findings, our client not only gained its first sales contract but also had a proven track record that demonstrated the effectiveness of their product to other clubs and enhanced sales further. This was a great example of how we adapted a new technology to benefit sporting organisations.

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