• The Science

    • We seek to understand the scientific theory behind the product and the latest evidence to support that theory.
    • We gather independent evidence and expert opinions in support of the theory.
    • We fully evaluate alternative theories
    • We consult a panel of various experts in the relevant fields, both academics and professionals, for their views on the validity of practical applications of the theory.
    • Evaluate the credibility of the developer: prior history, achievements, reputation
  • The Funding Requirements

    • We evaluate the level of current financing available, prepare a detailed cash flow and assess future requirements
    • We consider the alternatives and approach possible sources
  • Marketing Considerations

    • We review the design process and evolution of the product and understand potential future developments, theoretical and practical
    • We evaluate experimental evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product
    • We thoroughly review competing products and develop detailed SWOT analyses
    • We evaluate various possible business models to maximise revenue generation
    • We review all prospective target markets by sport and by geography
    • We monetise alternative pricing models
    • We evaluate the best approach to market, including marketing methodology and materials
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