Depending on specific requirements, we are involved in any or all of these areas:

Raising finance

Evidencing the concept

Detailing analyses of competing products and services

Identifying and prioritising potential markets

Trialling the product with selected sports clubs

Creating detailed sales and implementation processes

Branding and Websites

Marketing and Social Media

Direct introductions to professional sports clubs and national organisations

Providing detail feedback for future product enhancements

Organising a complete after-sales process to ensure continual customer satisfaction

Can ProSports Technology help every company?

While we would like to say yes, unfortunately the straightforward answer is no. It is beneficial for all concerned to recognise at the earliest possible moment any limitations on either the effectiveness or commercial viability of a product. This allows a full and complete reconsideration of the scope and objectives of the original project, hopefully leading to a revised plan of action that offers a much greater chance of success.

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